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To get dig and host on Windows...

  • Download the latest from
    • Click on BIND 9 and click the Download button by the Current-Stable version (or the dev one if you feel adventurous).
  • Unzip the archive and copy the following files to the location of your choice.
    • dig.exe
    • host.exe
    • libbind9.dll
    • libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll
    • libdns.dll
    • libirs.dll
    • libisc.dll
    • libisccfg.dll
    • libuv.dll
    • libxml2.dll
  • Whatever folder you put them in needs to be in the path so if it's not then you'll need to add it.
    • Note: I keep all my scripts and CLI stuff in C:\Users\USERNAME\bin so I just dropped them there.
    • Hit the WIN key and type "environment". You should see "Edit the system environment variables" pretty quickly, click that.
    • At the bottom of the Systems Properties dialog is a button labelled Environment Variables, click that.
    • Double-click the Path variable and add your new folder.
  • Open a command prompt and try out the dig and host commands and they should be working.
  • If you want .digrc to work then add a variable named HOME that points at the folder where .digrc lives.
    • .digrc is a text file with options for dig. You should put +noall +answer in it. 😊
    • Since it's named HOME I pointed it at my home directory (usually C:\Users\USERNAME), put .digrc in there and then hid the file so it didn't add to the files I had to look at to find things.