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  • Interesting question:
  • Answer to the beginner's question - why meditate
  • The Headless Way – Douglas Harding
  • Self-portrait by Ernst Mach
This was apparently part of Harding's inspiration
Project Mindfulness aims to break through the cultural barriers of mysticism and secrecy often surrounding meditation and its related practices.
We aim to create a radically accessible platform where as many people as possible can benefit from meditation and mindfulness.
The mission of the Dharma Treasure community is to offer Buddhist teachings, clear and systematic meditation instruction, and retreat opportunities for all people pursuing spiritual development and awakening.

Dark Night of the Soul

  • Term apparently originates with Saint
Dark Night of the Soul (Spanish: La noche oscura del alma) is a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross. The author himself did not give any title to his poem, on which he wrote two book-length commentaries: Ascent of Mount Carmel (Subida del Monte Carmelo) and The Dark Night (Noche Oscura).