The Meaning of Life

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There is no external meaning to life. There is no cosmic Sky Daddy and no angels and no guardian spirits. I know those made you feel better but the truth is that the universe is a whole bunch of quarks or whatever and it not only doesn't care about you, it doesn't even know you exist. Also, no afterlife. Sorry, one and done. It's harsh but hopefully it will encourage you to make the best of your one shot. The only meaning your life has is the meaning you give it. You could be a dick, but wouldn't it be better to play nice and see if you can't find some happiness during your one life?

TODO: maybe add something about how humans are animals and most of them go through their entire life living a delusion about how special they are. They are special, but the special part is the wonderful things that blob of meat between their ears lets them imagine and think and do. We'd all be better off if we'd move out of the Sky Daddy's house and get out on our own. If we don't then we can't ever grow up.

TODO: Add a note about agnosticism. I don't know is a perfectly good answer and the only true answer. I believe the things above but I don't know and I'm not going to punish anyone else for believing otherwise (although I might think you're fairly silly). Reference Agnosticism from Buddhism Without Beliefs

Long Version

TODO: insert longer version of the above, I'm not sure why